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Ficus benjamina


The Ficus benjamina, otherwise known as “Weeping Fig” or “Ficus tree” is one of the most popular plants, so popular in fact that many who have never stepped foot in a garden have heard of the name.  Whether one is a plant enthusiast or not, the Ficus seems to be well known for a

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Five Common Soil Types


Sandy to the touch the sandy soil type is very gritty Can’t hold water Plants cannot keep nutrition Light to work with and warms up quickly in spring Silty Silty soil is smooth to the touch Holds moisture Very good at holding nutrition Soil stays cold Drains poorly Clay Clay has small particles making

Five Common Soil Types2022-12-21T10:38:12-08:00

Tip: How to have success with Roses


Follow these 6 tips to be on the way to a beautiful rose garden. Sunshine.  Roses love the sun. Ideally, choose a site that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.  For roses, the more sunshine, the better. Soil.  Make sure you use a well-draining soil that also holds on to moisture

Tip: How to have success with Roses2022-12-21T10:38:12-08:00

The Underground


The underground- home of numerous different types of soils. In fact, we use the soil to house seeds, which will then grow to maturity and bear leaves, flowers, and even fruit! But every soil caters to a certain type of plant. When gardening, the first thing to do after picking out your plant, is

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Sun vs shade


As you’ve probably noticed, not all leaves are the same size. The size of the leaf depends on how many hours of sun they get. If a plant is full sun, that means it gets at least six hours of sun per day. If a plant is partial shade, that means it can get

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Tip: How to lighten those heavy pots


No need to strain your back lifting those heavy pots.  Try filling the bottom third of the pot with foam packing peanuts.  On top of the packing peanuts, put a layer of landscape fabric. Then, add lightweight potting mix that has lots of vermiculite and peat moss.  You will be surprised how much lighter

Tip: How to lighten those heavy pots2022-12-21T10:38:13-08:00

Do’s & Don’ts


Dealing with plants does not require a wealth of knowledge, but there are major “do’s and don’ts” that people looking to get into planting should keep in mind.  Though some may be under the false impression that planting is as easy as tossing some seeds into soil and adding water; they are sadly mistaken.

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The Good and Bad of Bugs


When we garden, we try our best to keep bugs away. Although most bugs are harmful, some are actually beneficial to our garden. Some of the good bugs include, ladybugs, praying mantis, and spiders. But the bad bugs are, Aphids, snails, and slugs. There are obviously a lot more good and bad bugs out

The Good and Bad of Bugs2022-12-21T10:38:13-08:00

The Value of Citrus


Citrus is known for its sweet and sour fruits. It comes in an array of colors and flavors to choose from. No matter if you like lemons, limes, grapefruit, or clementines, Cameron Nursery has a fruitful supply just for you. Not only is Citrus a go-to refresher on a hot summer day, it's also

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Tip: Protect your bulbs


Critters love to take pleasure in finding, digging, and nibbling on bulbs.  To protect your bulbs this year, cover them up by staking down chicken wire over the bed. Once early Spring arrives, remove the mesh or let the flowers grow through the holes.  

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