The underground- home of numerous different types of soils. In fact, we use the soil to house seeds, which will then grow to maturity and bear leaves, flowers, and even fruit! But every soil caters to a certain type of plant. When gardening, the first thing to do after picking out your plant, is buying the right type of soil. One of the most popular types of soil is called loamy soil.

Loamy soil is rich in color and spreads easily. Loam soil contains three important characteristics: Sand, Silt, and clay. Plants love this soil because water can easily pass through it allowing the plant to hydrate more quickly. Its sandy texture is key especially in the hot Coachella Valley. There is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that thrive in Loam soil. Tomatoes, lettuce, pepper, radish, and cucumbers are just a few produce items that will grow in loam soil.

Many may think that citrus fruits need to be planted in an acidic soil. In fact, the ideal PH is about 6.0-8.0 which is slightly acidic to just above neutral. Another important factor when growing Citrus is having good drainage. If the plant does not have food drainage, it will flood the plant and become too overwatered. You can not have too much water but at the same time, you should not have too little either. A good way to manage this, is once the soil dries up, give it more water and repeat this throughout the day.

When growing fruit trees, sunlight is a priority, and Cameron Nursery has a lot of that. The more sun the better. The sunlight gives the fruit is color and candy-like flavor. But with a lot of sun comes a lot of watering. If the plants don’t have enough water, they will not last long.

Sometimes starting off a garden is not always easy due to tiny pests and the surrounding environment. Well if you put down a few eggshells, it will help prevent pests in your garden. Also herbs will keep away the mosquitos! Also vinegar will help destroy weeds.

If you live in a primarily shady area and looking to grow some fruit, you’re in luck! Although a lot of plants prefer sun, there is still a vast majority that will harvest in the shade! Pears, for example, will still continue to grow in partial shade. Other fruits include: blueberries, plum, and kiwi. These are not the only varieties of fruit or plants that will last in the shade, but they are a few of the common ones.

Soil is most important when growing your dream garden. Other than that, make sure to pay attention to what the best environment is for the growing plants as well as how much to water it. Cameron Nursery has avid gardeners who tend to each and every plant and make sure their plants are always at its best!