Bees are crucial to the health of trees, flowers, and different plants in the food chain. There are over one trillion individual Bees in our world; but Bees are declining quickly due to the high dosage of pesticides on plants. Since bee’s are our number one pollinator in the world, we need to help prevent them from going extinct.

The Bee is the main pollinator of eighty-seven different types of plants. Many are everyday plants that we use because of the Bees’ ability to pollinate. These include avocados, apples, onions, almonds and coffee beans. All these foods are commonly consumed and taken for granted. Every little Bee has helped grow billion-dollar businesses!

They sustain life as we know it and understand it, in a manner that is unique. As a Bee pollinates it follows a simple pattern. Moving from flower to flower, it transfers pollen and seeds to the next flower. Within these seeds, a new plant is allowed to grow and thrive. One last important part of Bee pollination is that it helps keep the flowers and plants healthy.

Without Bees, our ecosystem wouldn’t be in as good of a condition as it is now. Our food would be less sweet and plants would not be able to reproduce as efficiently. Honey from the Bees provides us with a plethora of health benefits such as antioxidants. Therefore, Bees are one the most important insects in our ecosystems survival.