Dealing with plants does not require a wealth of knowledge, but there are major “do’s and don’ts” that people looking to get into planting should keep in mind.  Though some may be under the false impression that planting is as easy as tossing some seeds into soil and adding water; they are sadly mistaken. There is no one way of going about it, but there are common rules to live by that go into planting strong healthy plants.  Here are just a few things to keep in mind!

DO pick a good location– It all starts with picking a good environment that will allow the plants to grow and not inhibit the plants to get the necessities required for a long healthy life.  Along with this, one should choose plants that will be able to acclimate themselves in that environment.

DON’T use synthetic fertilizers- Synthetic fertilizers are more toxic than one may think.  Yes, they do cause plants to grow quickly, but in the long run it causes a lot of stress and potentially could even cause overgrowth.

DO consider going organic- Organic planting is the way to go for a few reasons: the soil deters pests naturally, prevents mosquitoes, helps build strong roots, and it’s cheaper at the end of the day!

DON’T overwater- As with anything, too much of something could potentially be dangerous/unhealthy.  Likewise, with watering plants, depending on the climate it is common to do short rounds of watering every other day.  If one can see their footsteps on the lawn after being watered that is an indication of overwatering!

DO plant trees- Trees are helping hands in the garden.  Not only do they create shade, but they cool down the ground temperature as well as absorb pollutants and give off oxygen.  

DON’T mass plant- Diversify!  It is better to mix the types of plants you have, because if one plant gets ill they all do.  Indigenous plants are recommended to mix in the garden, however a large amount of indigenous plants could be risky because of the pests they bring along do not necessarily have a natural fix in its new environment.  

DO enjoy yourself & the process along the way!

These are just a few things to keep in mind while taking the first steps into the world of planting.  People find what works for them and their plants along the way. Happy planting!