Citrus is known for its sweet and sour fruits. It comes in an array of colors and flavors to choose from. No matter if you like lemons, limes, grapefruit, or clementines, Cameron Nursery has a fruitful supply just for you.

Not only is Citrus a go-to refresher on a hot summer day, it’s also packed with vitamins, nutrients, and serves more purposes than just another color in a fruit bowl.

Have you ever reached for a glass of vitamin C when you had a cold? Well, thanks to the citric acid packed, zesty flavor of citrus, it probably helped to shorten the duration of your cold. Vitamin C is capable of repairing and improving the immune system. Because of all its benefits, vitamin C is a necessity.

Your skin feeds off the great ability citrus has to improve your well-being. It makes for the perfect skin food! After a long day in the sun, citrus will help renew the damaged skin. Not only will it help your skin from ageing, it will give it a beaming glow. When life gives you lemons, put them in a glass of water and sip your way to clear skin!

There are so many ways to incorporate citrus into your day! It adds a unique touch to many meals and drinks. Whether it is lemon meringues, lemon bars, or lemon water, the possibilities are endless. But lemon is not the only form of citrus that will up your recipe and give you all the benefits. A pinch of lime is a healthy touch to any mexican cuisine. Oranges are great in smoothies, desserts, or just sliced up! There are so many types of citrus to choose from and ways that it can be a good supplement to almost anything. You can even try it chocolate covered!

Cameron Nursery is known for its wide variety of citrus trees. It is located in the heart of Coachella Valley where they get a fair share sunshine all day long making this the perfect place to plant a tree that bears citrus year round. They have endless rows of Vitamin C. The tangy aroma that comes off the fruit filled trees is always a pleasant scent when visiting Cameron Nursery. Even in the heat of the day, it’s worth the sweat to pick from this plentiful selection of fresh fruit. And not to mention the warm welcome by Lucy the cat, the guardian of the nursery.