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Are there any trees that don’t shed?2018-08-31T10:57:31-07:00

No. All trees shed something be it leaves, flowers, nuts, etc. It’s just a matter of quantity.

Does Cameron do landscaping?2018-08-31T10:56:49-07:00

No. However, we supply plant material to most of the major landscape contractors and gardeners in the Coachella Valley.

Can we plant when the temperature is 115 or above?2018-08-31T10:55:39-07:00

Planting is not recommended as the attrition rate is high at extreme temperatures.

What hours is Cameron open in the summer?2018-08-31T10:55:51-07:00

We are open 6:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M, weekdays and 6:30 A.M. to 12:00 noon on weekends all year. We are closed on major holidays.

Does cactus need water in our desert environment?2018-08-31T10:55:55-07:00

Yes. Irrigation is necessary for the cactus to thrive.

Do lawns in the Coachella Valley require fertilizer?2018-08-31T11:17:23-07:00

Yes, on a regular basis.

Do we guarantee plants after they leave the nursery?2018-08-31T11:16:59-07:00

We have pride in the quality and health of our plants. However. we have no control over the planting and care of the plants after they leave our nursery. But, we have few, if any, post delivery problems or complaints.

Can cactus freeze?2018-08-31T11:09:03-07:00

Yes. Some areas of the Coachella Valley experience subfreezing temperatures which can affect cactus.

Do we deliver?2018-08-31T11:08:39-07:00

We deliver curbside for a nominal fee.

Do you stock flowers?2018-08-31T11:07:39-07:00

Yes. We we stock a variety of fall and spring color. All acclimated to The Coachella Valley.