Succulents. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. Cameron Nursery has them all! Succulents have become more and more popular throughout the years not only because of their unique appearance, but their environmentally friendly aspect. They do not need much maintenance or a plentiful supply of water either. Although succulents can be put outside in gardens, they are often put indoors as well. All you need is a pot, a partly sunny location, and water it once a week.

More than 60 different plant species are succulent based. They are similar to cacti in the fact that they are both drought tolerant. Not only are they trending, but they come in almost any color imaginable. Although the most common color to get succulents is green, Cameron Nursery has an array to choose from.

A tip for anyone who is trying to get the most out of their succulent plant, is to save all the clippings of the succulent. If you save all the clippings and shreds, you can replant them and grow more succulents! All you have to do is get some soil and a patch of sunlight. After that, give it a pinch or two of water every so often and you will have a brand new plant in no time.

For all the gardens that don’t have much plants or struggle to grow anything, succulents are a great alternative. They do not require too much care nor do they need a cool climate. Succulents actually prefer hot and dry climates which make them the perfect plant for deserts. Cameron Nursery is located in the heart of the desert so the succulents are grown in perfect conditions making them some of the best plants around!